1 Million Electric Cars in S. Korea by 2020

South Korea unveiled Tuesday an ambitious plan to dramatically increase the production of environmentally friendly cars by 2020, as part of global efforts to cut carbon emissions and curb climate change.

Under the policy goals released by the energy ministry, the annual output of “green cars” like hybrid and electric-powered vehicles would increase sharply from 80,000 this year to 920,000 over the next five years. Electric cars are billed as a solution to Earth’s pollution problem. But as Anthony shows us, the majority of pollution actually comes from places you’d least expect.


Seoul eventually hopes such vehicles would account for 20 percent of all cars sold in the domestic market, compared to the current share of just two percent. The issue of vehicle emissions has taken on a higher public profile recently in South Korea as a result of the scandal involving Volkswagen and faked emissions standards.

Last month, the environment ministry ordered the German automaker to recall 125,500 diesel vehicles sold here and fined the company more than $12 million.

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